Budgeting is not supposed to be scary. You don't have to micro manage every money spent to make it work.


Easily set your Future Expenses, Savings and Available Money.

The rest is free to spend until the next paycheck!

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Track what you have, not what you spent.
Give your money purpose.

The only non zero-sum budgeting app.

Get control, don't stress

Know how much money you have left to spend.
Know if you can increase you daily spending
or if you should try to reduce it.

Know your future

Project your recurrent and future expenses.
Plan the bills and payments to add on future months.
Know the big picture.

Plan ahead

Save for those months when you have a lot of spendings. We'll tell you how much!
Keep your personal finances in check.

Track desired spendings

You aren't forced to, but you can track and categorize the spendings you want.
Make informed decisions about where cuts would work best.

Save for bigger goals

Slowly grow your emergency fund, vacation fund, and anything that you may dream of.

Active development

We have big plans. Some day we'll have:
highly detailed charts
multiple platforms - iOS & Android Apps

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