Q: How big is the My Budgeting App team?
A: One person :)

Q: Why did you build this website?
A: I got tired of my spreadsheet and wanted something better.

Q: Does it work?
A: I've been using that excel for a while. It helped me a lot. The budgeting app is better.

Q: How could the app be described in one sentence?
A: Free to Spend Money = Available Money - Money with Purpose.

Q: Will you improve it?
A: Yes. Mobile friendly website, mobile apps, a lot of stats.

Q: Will you open source it?
A: If anyone wants to help, sure. Need to refactor the code a bit first though.

Q: What about hosting costs?
A: The website is built to easily scale horizontally and do most of the calculations client side.
If a lot of people will use the website and I won't be able to handle the costs I will add, in this order:
donations, ads, premium features at a very low price (1-2$ a month).

Q: Is it safe?
A: Server always patched up. Firewall on minimum access. Not storing your password, only hashed and with salt.

Q: Do you assume any responsability or liability?
A: No. Use the website at your own risk.

Q: Will you ever sell or give the data?
A: No. Never. Not without explicit accept.

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